Get out of a sticky situation with these 6 do-it-yourself car repair jobs!

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If you can’t change a flat tire to save your life, you needn’t feel sheepish! According to the latest research you’ll join nearly half the motorists in the UK who are left flummoxed by a flat tire! Young drivers fare much worse and, research states that 64% of young motorist are yet to master simple automobile repairs. That’s extra repairs bills added to current high insurance premiums for young motorists!  Basic repairs like changing a lightbulb or a break light needn’t mean a trip to your local garage.  You’ll save valuable time and money, you won’t have to worry if the garage has done a proper job of it and you’ll walk with your shoulders a little straighter now that you’re an auto mechanic of sorts!  Grab your tools and get cracking! If you’re ride is in the garage for extensive repairs, we’ll sort you out with a car hire of your choice!

Is your desire changing that tire?

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We’re here to help! Changing a flat tire is a pretty straightforward matter if you know how to get about it! Before you begin, ensure your vehicle is on a flat surface and double check that your handbrake is on. Most cars come fitted with a spare wheel for use plus chocks that prevent the car from rolling around.Keep the vehicle on the ground as you loosen the nuts and wheel bolts, the using the right point for jacking, raise the car off the ground.

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Fit on the wheel and, lower the automobile onto the ground. Tighten on the nuts and bolts and away we go! If you need to change a tire on the motorway, well, don’t! It’s illegal and you’re best off calling up a repair team.

Changing the battery is as easy as eating a raspberry!

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A car battery won’t go up in a ball of furious flames however it comprises of an ultra-corrosive sulphuric acid electrolyte solution so do be careful when handling a car battery! Refer the car handbook for details on the vehicle immobilizer.As you progress and you pick up speed, you may not need an immobilizer; however it’s prudent to use one. Double check that the car is turned off and all electrical items are shut down. Have you got the correct battery for your model? Great!

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Next, remove the negative connector, followed by the removal of the positive connector. Take out the old battery and pop in the new one! Reconnect the positive connector followed by the negative connector and tighten all bolts and nuts. Feel free to spray on terminal protector!

Don’t recoil when it’s time to change the oil!

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This is perhaps the most complex however it’s not a herculean task.  Have you got a spanner, a jack, dual axle stands plus a new oil filter and oil? Fabulous! Refer to the car handbook for the accurate points to place your car on the axle stands as you jack the car up. Next, find the oil cap on the engine and take it off.  

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Slide under your set of wheels and open the sump plug. Watch as the old oil leaves your engine. If you’ve done this wrong, you’re probably drenched in oil, watching a bit of your self-esteem exit the room. Not to worry! Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Don’t get the blues because it’s time to replace the fuse!

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We really hope you haven’t misplaced the automobile car book because we’re really going to need it! The book will give you a breakdown of all things related to a fuse! usually located under the dashboard and the inner part of the panel generally carries embossed details.Keep a pair of bottle nose pliers in case you need one to extract the malfunctioning fuse.

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Examine the detached fuse for a damaged wire bridge. If you do spot one, simply replace the offending fuse with a similarly valued fuse and you’re good to go!

There’s no need to gulp when it’s time to change the bulb!

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Eek! It’s dark and you’re running late to a function and lo and behold! One of the rear bulbs just fizzled out! Well, you can stubbornly continue on and feign surprise when you’re pulled over by the cops or, you could pop open the bonnet and have a look behind the lights for the access panel and switch it over.

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Certain models carry the access panel inside the arch of the front wheels. Access panels are located in boot of the car and the bulb tray generally can be separated from the light.

Don’t call for aid when you’ve got to swap the wiper blades!

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Squeak, squeak, SQUEAK! You haven’t got a mouse problem, just a really old wiper that needs to retire!  Slide the old wiper blade off the arms of the wiper and slide on the new pair. Well you may need to apply a frim shove but as long as you’re keep your movements controlled, the car and you will remain unharmed.



Now that the hard work is done, treat yourself to a coffee/tea break. Image on Pixabay

Now that you’ve mastered the basic automobile repairs, authoritatively beat your chest and let your partner know what a technically proficient beast you are! Alternatively, treat yourself to a feast with the top 2 burgers, bakeries, and curry houses in London! provides London car hires too!