A Yorkshire road trip to bring out the fire in your inner wanderer


Castle Howard. Image by castle_howard on Instagram

Placed in Northern England, Yorkshire is “God’s own country”, and it’s not hard to see why. The county is home to unending inviting beaches, moors covered in heather, distant valleys and bubbly cities that beg exploring. You’ll have a chance to savour Yorkshire’s dazzling beauty, cosmopolitan atmosphere and rich history. Secure a car hire with Wecancar.com and shop till you drop, drink it up at a haunted pub, visit the birthplace of Dracula author Bram Stoker or marvel at stately homes! There’s no time like the present to relish England’s grand locations!

Day 1 and 2 – Enter Leeds

Victoria Gate, Leeds. Image by he Jaco on Visualhunt / CC BY

The city of Leeds once began as a tiny town and quickly flourished into a prime mill town during the Industrial Revolution. Feet and credit cards are severely tested in what regarded as the UK’s Street Style Capital. Take a day or two to shop in the city that birthed Marks & Spencer! Leeds Corn Exchange will send one in a tizzy owing to the fabulous designer shops including Louis Vuitton, Vivienne Westwood, Mulberry and more! What’s that? You’d like to do more shopping? Give your calf muscles and cards a workout of a lifetime at Victoria Quarter. The modernised shopping arcade housed 70 luxury shops. Thriftier shoppers are advised to head to Kirkgate Market which houses over 800 stalls and is the largest covered market in Europe!

Day 2 and 4 – From Leeds to Haworth

Charoltte Bronte’s School. Image by summonedbyfells on Visualhunt / CC BY

Haworth served as the home for the famed Brontë sisters who arrived in the village on the 20th of April 1820 with one covered wagon and seven carts! The town is a revered literary mecca! Located a mere 3- minutes’ drive from Leeds, fans of the beloved Brontë sisters can visit the home of the sister which is the Brontë Parsonage Museum, and walk through the very rooms that saw the penning of Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights many moons ago. To truly capture the times of the sisters, take a walk along the cobbled streets and tranquil countryside of the village. Stroll past the moors that inspired Wuthering Heights and Brontë waterfalls where the sisters would take a short respite during countryside walks. Step inside a Yorkshire artisan shop to get your hands on unique craft, arts and vintage items.

Day 5 and 6 – From Haworth to York

York Minster. Image by Tony Hisgett on Flickr

Take the A64 as you head 57 kilometres onward to York. The city holds one of the richest histories in the UK, and once you’ve passed the medieval walls, turned onto one of the numerous thin snaking roads, and felt the cities rich heritage in its traditional pubs and overall ambience, you ’ll understand why no town on the planet resembles medieval quite like York. York has seen the crowning of Roman emperors, the birth of Guy Fawkes and, the gruesome decapitated head of William Wallace. Make a beeline for the centre of the city to gaze at the beautiful York Minster Cathedral. Get a taste of Yorks fascinating Viking history at the Jorvik Viking Centre. The sights, sounds, smells and displays transport visitors back to the 960 AD right after the expulsion of Bloodaxe. Later, fill up on beer at the Golden Fleece Pub. Why? Well, it’s the oldest pub (dating back to 1503) in the ‘most haunted city in Europe’! 15 ghosts will accompany you as you tensely down a pint. Eek!

Day 6 – 7 From York to North York Moors

North York Moors. Image by Jez Elliott on Flickr

Make an early start as you’ll need to steer along 24 kilometres to reach your first stop – the gorgeous Castle Howard. Said to be the most beautiful stately home in Yorkshire, the interior of the house is guaranteed to make jaws drop! If you think you couldn’t be more impressed, take a look at the fantastic art collection! Once you’ve had your fill of the grand house and gardens, continue on the A169 and observe as the landscape turns changes from cultivated lands to wild, windswept moor! The UK holds close to 70% of the globes moorland, and the most extensive expanse is right here! One look at cobbled lanes, charming seaside villages, stunning coastal views and lush green valley should have you impatiently leaping out of your car hire in anticipation of a fulfilling walk. After all, you’re in the definitive walking country!

Day 7 – North York Moors to Whitby

Whitby Abbey. Image by Richard Szwejkowski on Visualhunt.com / CC BY-SA

Once you’ve had breakfast, take a quick 10-minute drive to the fishing village of Whitby. The River Esk snakes between 18th-century fisherman dwellings and a polished Victorian residential area giving the town something of a split personality. Take time to taste the two diverse characters. One side serves as a bustling fishing port while the other charms as a typical British seaside resort. Be sure to climb the 99 steps to Whitby Abbey, pop in at world renown resident captain Cook’s museum and drink in the sights and sounds that (somewhat bizarrely) inspired Bram Stoker’s penning of the novel Dracula!

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