05 intriguing attractions in Ireland you just can’t miss! 

The misleading size of Irish territory stores a wealth of attractions and exciting discoveries. While we haven’t documented all attractions, these are by far some of the must-see locations should you travel or even live in Ireland.

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Guinness Storehouse

width="730"Image courtesy of the Guinness Storehouse, reposting from Matteo del Rosso on Instagram

The base of the Guinness Brewery since 1759, the location may very well have no matter in relocation as Arthur Guinness signed a lease that is to last 9,000 years! While the site was used as fermentation plant, the 07 storied plant is now dedicated to guiding visitors through the Guinness history. Take a lesson on pouring a pint or sample popular varieties.

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The Burren National Park

 width=Photo credit: ben.haeringer on VisualHunt.com / CC BY-ND

The Burren National Park is the least vast of Ireland’s six national parks however the area is well known for its geomorphology, natural history and archaeology. Compromising of unique landscapes, due to the early removal of the woods resulting in soil erosion that exposed the limestone underneath. The name Burren comes from the Irish word ‘Boíreann’ which means a stony place, which is entirely fitting. The area is also home to the Aillwee cave system and the Poulnabrone Tomb.


The Giant’s Causeway, County Antrim

Photo credit: 0000007 on Visualhunt / CC BY-ND

One of the few UNESCO World Heritage Site in Ireland, the Giants Causeway compromises of basalt columns meshed together by their hexagonal shapes. According to folklore, giant Benandonner, from Scotland dared Irish giant Fionn mac Cumhaill to a match. Fionn is said to have readily accepted the challenge and even constructed the causeway over the Northern Channel so that Benandonner wouldn’t have any problems reaching him. Some say that Fionn emerged victorious over Benandonner while others say that once Fionn saw the imposing build of his competitor Benandonner he scurried off to his wife requesting her help to hide from the terrifying giant. His wife Oonagh disguises Fionn as an infant and protects him in a crib. When the furious Benandonner crashes through the door demanding to meet Fionn his eyes fall on the infant who he doesn’t recognise. Benandonner is genuinely intimidated by the enormous “infant” and deliberates over the actual size of a giant whose infant weighs as much as he does. Benandonner flees back to Scotland, destroying The Giant’s Causeway on his way back in case Fionn should decide to settle their match. A short walk to the top will show you why this spectacular location has earned The Most Epic View in Northern Ireland’ by Walk Northern Ireland.


Blarney Castle

Photo credit: Slipshod Photog on Visualhunt / CC BY-ND

Perhaps one of Irelands most visited castles, Blarney Castle was constructed during the MacCarthy dynasty. The castle houses a beautiful tower surrounded by picturesque grounds. Once kissed, the stone of Eloquence or the Blarney Stone is said to give one the gift of the gab; however, the origins of the custom are uncertain!. Its best to refrain from kissing the rock as one must be of excellent flexibility and be unafraid of heights.

Dingle Bay

Photo credit: Bob Linsdell on Visual Hunt / CC BY

Separating the headland of the Dingle Peninsulas and Iveragh lies Dingle Bay, which is rich in archaeological monuments has offers no shortcoming on charming scenery. Thanks to the hard conditions that make the land difficult to farm, over 2000 stone monuments are available for viewing. The area has been home to many settlers dating back for close to 6,000 years.   Chat with locals about the history and folklore of the location, which has been passed through down through the generations verbally.