Got a couple of days to spare?

Drive off with a cheerful goodbye to city blare!

Burnt out? The rush of the rat race presses on many a spirit. If you’re disgruntled with the washed out city, rowdy pubs, thunderous, incessant pounding of bass at your regular nightlife haunts or just people in general, fret not!
Lauded for the refreshing and uplifting warmth hold Mother Nature leaves on any traveller, outings by car are not as widely discussed as campervan or motorhome breaks.

Take a look at our top picks below for that inspirational getaway. We’ve tried to keep the list as broad as possible so there’s a likelier chance we’ll have something for everyone!

If you’re as fascinated with abandoned buildings as we are, read this!

Ballydehob to Bantry Bay, Ireland

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Make sure you stop by Schull and Crookhaven on this delightful drive along the Atlantic coast. Shull is to food enthusiast what room temperature beef is to a colony of E. coli, (Apologies if we put you off your steak) while Crookhaven is where yacht owners come to rest after crossing from France.

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Alnwick, Northumberland, England

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Why should you visit, you ask? Unspoiled and picturesque, you’re in for some gorgeous countryside views, beaches, castles and tons of seafood! Featured in Harry Potter films, drop in at Alnwick Castle. Bookworms you’re in for a treat! Second-hand bookshop Barter Books is just amazing!

Bealach na Bà, Scotland

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Winding, hairpin turns and unparalleled views. While motorhomes and caravans need extra caution manoeuvring these roads, cars and similar small vehicles will have less hassle and pack more punch in the experience factor. The reward for all your masterful driving? The Applecross village!Stop by the Applecross Inn for stellar seafood!

Highlands, Scotland

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A good road trip and on many bucket lists, prepare yourself for marvellous views of towering mountains, mist-covered creeks, evergreen valleys and the freedom of the open roads. The Highlands dish up more than just photo opportunities. Think outdoor adventures like hiking, biking, kayaking and more!

North Coast 500, Scotland

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North Coast didn’t need to win the Value for Money Award 2018 handed out by Travel Magazine for us to acknowledge its significance to all travellers. Alluring beaches, glittering lochs, and fauna filled valleys.

Black Mountain Pass, Wales

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The Black Mountain road is a delightful series of turns and hairpin bends that dish up five miles of unparalleled views. Gaining popularity since its feature on top gear this challenging road crossed the Black Mountains and offers a clear view of the way ahead (except for sheep farmers and sheep, should you pass them by!)

Cheddar Gorge, England

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Enter the limestone gorge! The oldest human skeleton, till discovered, nestled snugly in the Cheddar caves which have held visitors captive with its vast caves, rare wildlife and fauna. While you may stop to marvel at the view from the cliff tops or decide to explore the caves, it’s the car ride through the twisting limestone precipices that will leave the biggest impression.