Small yet significant – Exploring the smallest city in Britain!

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The history

St David was born to patron Saint of Wales, Saint Non and would become instrumental in shaping the history of what is fondly referred to as the smallest city in the UK- St. Davids! Known as Dewi Sant, St David founded the monastery of Glyn Rhosy or Rose Vale. David gathered a brotherhood of followers who abide by a strict code of conduct. Apart from praying and conducting mass, the monastic brotherhood grew produce on lands cultivated by hand, was involved in beekeeping and, offered accommodation and food to pilgrims and the needy. The original cathedral was often plundered by Vikings and eventually burnt to the ground however the Normans rebuilt the Cathedral that stands to this day. The new temple housed many valuable antiques plus the remains of St David himself and was graced by many pilgrims and prominent figures in the governing hierarchy including William the Conqueror. Pope Calixtus II even went so far as to declare that the two pilgrimages to St Davids were equivalent to one to Rome. A substantial sum was raised from visitors however pilgrimages soon suffered ill reputation and the cathedral fell into disrepair. St David went on many religious pilgrimages and even visited the lands of Bethlehem. He erected many places of worship in England and Wales. To mark the day of his passing on St Davids day or Dydd Gŵyl Dewi, on the 01st of March, 589 AD, his devotees wear a daffodil or a leak, the National symbols of Wales.

Where is St Davids located and how do I get there?

Granted the status of a city in 1955, St Davids holds a population of 1,900 people and is located right in the centre of Pembrokeshire National Park. Its location on the coast provides breath-taking scenery and is home to a wealth of wildlife. Get off at Haverfordwest or Fishguard.

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What can I see?

St Davids Cathedral and the Bishop’s Palace

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Perhaps the most magnetic of all attractions in the city is St Davids Cathedral and the Bishops Palace. St Davids cathedral continues to attract visitors from around the world. Age-old architecture mingled with the sheer history is guaranteed to make the least religious soul marvel in wonder. Services are usually held at the cathedral for those who wish to savour the cathedral in full swing.

A short distance from St Davids Cathedral is St David Bishop’s palace which maintains the intricate architecture of 13th century.

Oxford city is worth a visit!

Whitesands Bay and Carn Llidi

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Blue flag winner, Whitesands Bay is a favoured spot thanks to the excellent surfing conditions. The glittering aqua-marine waters wash up on golden sands, making the beach an attractive place for an unhurried picnic and people watching while Carn Llidi hill offers a fantastic walking experience with fantastic views plus the opportunity to discover the crumbling remains of two Neolithic burial chambers.

Wilderness islands

The county of Pembrokeshire is renowned for its uninhabited islands that offer breath-taking scenery and is brimming with thriving wildlife like puffins, razorbills, Manx shearwater and guillemots. During your explorations, you may come across remains of the prehistoric era in the form of standing stones and stone circles. While the islands offer much wildlife, keep an eye on the waters around you for sightings of marine animals like porpoise, dolphins and whales.

Water sport, ahoy!

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Thanks to its prime location by the coast Pembrokeshire is a water sport haven! With a plethora of skilled instructors at hand, it’s an ideal time to pick up or enhance your skills at surfing, kayaking, canoeing etc.

While the city may not offer the same amenities of its vaster counterparts, the city is a gem on the coast of Pembrokeshire, offering activities, views, dining experiences and an overall holiday experience that’s entirely inimitable!