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The London Borough of Brent is in North West London and consists of a blend of residential, commercial and industrial property. The borough formed in 1965 with the joining of Wembley and Willesden and gets its name from the River Bren which flows through the area. Brent comprises of one of the most diverse ethnic localities in England and houses Wembley Stadium and the Wembley Arena. The name Wembly stems from the words Wemba Lea meaning Wemba’s Wood. In 1801, Civil parishes forming the current borough held a population of 2,022 citizens, and this number continued to grow during the 19th century. Residents in the region soared with the introduction of the railway lines.

Take your car hire around the Ace Café London which is a hotspot for rockers and bikers! Established in 1938, you’ll have a great chance to feed your inner petrolhead with the different bike, car and musical events at the roadside café. Step inside one of the largest Hindu Temple outside of India! The BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir consists of over 5,000 tons of marble and stone imported from India, Bulgaria and, Italy. The temple grounds house a vegetarian restaurant as well, and entrance to the temple is free of charge. Uncover a Brent secret at the award-winning park of Mapesbury Dell! The garden is hidden behind residential houses and, comprises of great picnic locations plus a pond that’s home to a host of wildlife!

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