Bromley Car Hire

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The London Borough of Bromley makes up part of 32 boroughs that make up Greater London. The borough gains its name from its principal town, Bromley. Bromley is currently the largest London Borough and founded with the merging of Beckenham, Bromley and urban districts of Orpington plus Penge and certain parts of Chislehurst and Sidcup. Roman invaders are said to have erected camp Keston near the natural spring known as Cesare’s well. The name Bromley is first used in 862 as Bromleag and been christened by the Anglo-Saxon settlers who followed the Roman invaders. Bromleag is Anglo-Saxon for where the broom grows. A royal charter by King John in 1205 greatly helped the town’s development as did the railway system which helped turn the northern region of the borough into a bustling shopping and commercial centre.

What can you see and do during your Bromley car hire? Plenty! Start with a visit to Down House which is the home of Charles Darwin and see where the author of On the Origin of Species found his inspiration. Crystal Palace Park has captured the attention of visitors from 1851 and is considered one of Britain’s most important parks. Take the kids to the children’s farm on the premises or get lost in a maze! The Chislehurst Caves trace back to the thirteenth century and were used by Romans, druids and, Saxons and even served as a concert venue for legends like Jimi Hendrix and David Bowie!

See more exciting locations like the Church House Gardens and the Crofton Roman Villa in your Bromley car hire or take a look at a great weekend in London!