Barnet Car Hire

The East Barnet Festival. Image courtesy of nataliestrachan on Instagram.

The suburban London Borough of Barnet was born in 1965 under the London Government Act 1963 with the union of the city districts of Friern Barnet, East Barnet and Barnet with the boroughs of Finchley and Hendon. Barnet falls on the counties of Middlesex and Hertfordshire. During the Middle Ages, Barnet’s strategic location and fertile fields made the town a prime location for inns and agriculture. Proofs of Roman settlements are evident by the remains of Roman coins and pottery at Burnt Oak. The name Barnet meaning ‘burning’ and was selected over potential names like “Northern Heights “by politician and barrister Keith Joseph. The climactic Battle of Barnet took place on the grounds of the borough where the Earl of Warwick, Richard Neville and his brother John Neville met their untimely end.

A recreation of the Battle of Barnet with the Barnet museum in the background. Image courtesy of liveplayeatbarnet on Instagram

Today most of Barnet borough is primarily residential and holds many interesting sites and locations to visit. Head over to the Barnet Museum in your car hire for a fulfilling tour on the history of Barnet. The museum first opened its doors to the public in 1938. Barnet market and the Spires shopping centre offer very diverse shopping experiences. The theatre community in Barnett is thriving so drop by the Bull Theatre. Head over to the East Barnet Festival held in annually in July to shake a leg or get a tantalising sample of the delightful eateries in the borough.

Mingle with Barnet’s theater community at the Bull theater. Image courtesy of lindonelementz on Instagram