Birmingham Car Hire

Welcome to the second largest city in the United Kingdom! We’re going to list the amazing sites and activities to be savoured during your Birmingham Car Hire!


Christened after the Beormingas, the first known Anglian settlers, Birmingham was a sluggish market-town until Peter de Bermingham set about changing the city into a famous business centre during the year 1166 by accommodating a market at his castle. From then on, Birmingham began its steady rise as UK’s principal manufacturing city and truly blossomed during the industrial revolution.  Business pioneers helped the “city of a thousand trades” blossom. Partners Matthew Boulton and James Watt’s introduction of the Boulton & Watt steam engine, the introduction of roller spinning by Lewis Paul and John Wyatt and the scientific contributions made by Joseph Priestley and William Murdock helped place Birmingham firmly on the map! The typography of John Baskerville and the inauguration of the first Lloyds Bank branch at Oldbury by Sampson Lloyd II also aided in earning Birmingham the title of  “the first manufacturing town in the world”. During the crucial years of the manufacturing industry, patents increased threefold in Birmingham and during the 1800’s the West Midlands held more banking offices per head than even London. The addition of an intricate canal system, one that competes with those in Amsterdam and Venice, helped keep businesses connected with the outside world. Since then, the city has shown no signs of slowing down! Modern inventions like the photocopier, the bicycle bell, the X-ray machine, the pen and the microwave oven were all invented and bettered by innovative Brummies!

See Birmingham Central Library, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Birmingham Town Hall and the Big Brum clock at Chamberlain Square.

Today, Birmingham proudly owns UK’s second largest economy and relies less on its production industry and more on service industries like tourism and retail. Living up to its name as the “city of a thousand trades”, you can purchase anything from motor vehicles, jewellery, foods, plastics, chemicals and machinery. The top attractions in the city are located quite close to each other and can be reached easily by foot or by Birmingham’s central transport system.  While the city isn’t the most beautiful of the lot, there’s much to see and do! The town has a lovely selection of museums, libraries and galleries that reflect the vibrant art and heritage of Birmingham. Shopping in Birmingham is only second to London with the addition of large shopping centres like the Bullring and the Custard Factory. The city is home to vast, lush fields, lakes and parks like the Botanical Gardens, Saltwells Local Nature Reserve or Cannon Hill Park. Of the many places to visit, try the BBC Birmingham Tours, Aston Hall, Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, the Dudley Zoological Gardens and Thinktank of the Birmingham Science Museum.


Here are five things you can do for free during your Birmingham Car Hire :

  • Visit the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery.
  • Embark on Birmingham’s Tolkien Trail.
  • Drop in at the mac.
  • Visit the largest jewellery concentrated town in the UK, The Jewellery Quarter.
  • View fossils from over 400 million years ago at the Wren’s Nest National Nature Reserve.

Birmingham’s music scene flourishes to this day and has generated powerhouses like Black Sabbath, Duran Duran and Judas Priest. The city doesn’t disappoint with its stellar contributions in arts, music, pubs, and food with plenty of well reputed Michelin star restaurants and cosy pubs awaiting your arrival.


Visiting Birmingham on business or pleasure? The city offers vibrant culture, gastronomic delights, historical sites and monuments and offers an ambience that’s hard to resist! WeCanCar offers effortless Birmingham Car Hire options to take the ease out the stress of planning your journey. Bon voyage!