Bristol Car Hire

Clifton Suspension Bridge. Image courtesy of Robert.Pittman on VisualHunt / CC BY-ND

The city of Bristol is located in South West England and serves as one of England’s prime cultural and economic towns for over eight centuries. The town traces its first human settlements to the Stone Age and is on the banks of the river Avon which is the Celtic word for water. A bridge was erected across the river and christened the Brigg Stow which later shortened to Bristol. During the Middle Ages, the city was in possession of mint and essential port and one of the sturdiest castles in the country. Owing to Bristol’s excellent harbour, maritime influences with Portugal, Spain, France, Iceland, Ireland and Wales flourished and with it, Bristol’s trade in wine, fish and wool. Visiting merchants introduced the city to the red flower called scarlet lychnis which would go on to become the city’s emblem. The town fell under Royalist and Parliamentarian rule respectively during the English Civil War. Bristol continued to prosper and became a city in 1542.

The SS Great Britain. Image courtesy of officialedpetrie on Instagram.

Today the vibrant city of Bristol serves as an excellent location for a weekend getaway or a staycation. The Clifton Suspension Bridge and Brunel’s ss Great Britain are two of the town’s must-see attractions. Stroll through the excellent selection of art galleries and museums or take a Banksy street art tour. The city is home to a thriving music scene, and the food in town is divine! Choose from many eateries ranging from restaurants, bars, cafes and markets. The drive from Bristol and the Rhossili Bay is particularly lovely so hop into your car hire and take in the sights.

Banksy street art tours in Bristol. Image courtesy of gnome_gardener on Instagram.