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Nottingham Council House.Photo credit: Dun.can on Visual Hunt / CC BY

Located in the East Midlands, in the county of Nottinghamshire is the city of Nottingham. Evidence of human settlements in the county can be traced back from 40,000 BC to 28,000 BC while its central city, Nottingham, originated during the 6th century. The wee village was named Snotta inga ham after the Saxon chief Snot who according to the Doomsday book considered the area as his administrative capital. Inga translates to owned by while Ham means settlement. Happily, for the residents of the area, the letter S was gradually dropped, and the city slowly began to lose its long-standing names of Snotingeham and Snotingham in favour of Nottingham. The Normans were succeeded by the Danes who invaded and occupied the Eastern parts of England during the 9th century. Nottingham was recaptured by the English and by the 10th century the city was a bustling township.

Wool making was the primary trade in the city during the Middle Ages, while many craftsmen like carpenters, blacksmiths, bakers, brewers, fletchers and bridle smiths flourished in the town. William, the conqueror, erected a wooden castle around the city of Nottingham and the Norman French mainly inhabited the areas between the old town and the castle. Consequently, the region identified the French borough which led to the christened of the old town as the English borough.

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By the 17th century the tanning and, wool manufacturing industries declined giving way to profitable trade like wool hosiery silk and, malting. During the 1642 civil war, the Parliamentarian troops invaded and occupied the city of Nottingham and maintained a firm hold over the region until the end of the war. Nottingham Castle was ordered to be destroyed by the parliament lest the premises should fall under Royalist rule. During the 18th century, when parliament rejected the Great Reform Bill, enraged locals burnt down the residence of the Duke of Newcastle. The site remained in ruins till it was transformed into an art gallery. By the 20th century, Nottingham seized a flourishing trade in bicycles, (the origins of Raleigh Bicycle Company trace back to Raleigh Street), printing, textiles, tobacco and printing.

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Visitors can choose between a multitude of sites and attractions to visit. Early caves, castles, monasteries, market towns, museums and the famed Sherwood forest of the Robin Hood folklore are a few of the places to see. Nottingham is guaranteed to charm all visitors with rich history and atmosphere.

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