Gloucestershire Car Hire

Bibury, Gloucestershire. Image by deborahhunterphotography on Instagram

If you’re looking for quick Gloucestershire car hire, you’ve come to the right place! is happy to provide easy car hire options with our select list of insured, independent car owners. Hire a car; book a chauffeur or ask for our environment-friendly car hires! We provide car rentals in Gloucester, Cheltenham, Kingswood, Filton, Stroud and more! Reaching your destination has never been easier!

Chedworth Roman Villa. Image by nicksarebi on / CC BY

Placed in Southwestern England, the historical and administrative County of Gloucestershire lies on the border of Wales and comprise of six administrative county areas namely Cotswold, Forest Dean, Stroud, Cheltenham, and Tewkesbury. Often called Glos, the county initially housed Brythonic people during the Iron Age and Roman Conquest of Britain. After the departure of the Romans, the decaying constructions were refurbished and utilised by the Anglo-Saxon’s. The Normans who followed the Anglo-Saxon’s erected Gloucester Castle. Home to market and spa towns, majestic homes, and lush landscapes, Gloucestershire is home to the beautiful Cotswolds and elite horse races! Take your car hire around the county, and you’ll see perhaps the most significant Roman villa in the UK, north of Chedworth. Take in the sights of a decided un- English regal home, Sezincote Estate. Have you tried surfing on a river? Thanks to a natural phenomenon called tidal bore, waves in the River Severn run in the opposite direction!

Sezincote Estate.Image by libbycphoto on Instagram


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