Hampshire Car Hire

Stag in the New Forest. Image by Charles D P Miller on Flickr.

Hampshire car hire has never been this easy! Wecancar.com works closely with a select list of independent car hire owners to present quick and affordable car hires across the United Kingdom. All our vehicles are fully insured and have passed strict safety inspections. Just log onto our website and browse cars in the location of your choosing. We’ve got car hires in Southampton, Portsmouth, Basingstoke, Eastleigh, Gosport, Farnborough, and more! We want to help you be where you need to be when you need to be!

Winchester Cathedral. Image by Mario Sánchez Prada on Flickr

Placed in south-central England, the historical and geographic county of Hampshire is one of many contrasts. Pass through the bustling cities of Southampton and Portsmouth towards the lush countryside. The ancient hunting grounds of New Forest once saw kings on horseback thunder after game. Southampton serves as the ancient capital of England and makes for a great stop. King Alfred the Great made Winchester his capital during the 9th century. Winchester Cathedral is a prime example of great Gothic architecture! Winchester Castle rumoured as legendary King Arthur’s Camelot owing to the Winchester roundtable!Noted authors from the region include Jane Eyre and Charles Dickens. Located an hour’s drive from London, be sure to try the Sunday roast!

Arthurian Round Table. Image by Elliott Brown on Flickr

Business or pleasure, we’ve got the right Hampshire car hire for you! Travelling to a neighbouring county? We’ve got great Dorset car hire options!