Hertfordshire Car Hire

St Albans Cathedral. Image by Peter O’Connor aka anemoneprojectors on Visual Hunt / CC BY-SA

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Bernard Shaw home 0 Shaws’ corner. Image by ptwo on Visualhunt.com / CC BY

The historic county of Hertfordshire is an estimated half an hour – one hour’s drive from London and boasts of a beautiful heritage. Much of the county is rural and encompasses the ten districts. The west of the county rims the chalky Chilterns and comprises many quiet beechwoods and charming villages. Visitors will love the footpaths crisscrossing across regions like Colne Valley, farmlands and the blackthorn woodlands. The most picturesque of towns is St Albans that sits prettily on a hill. Visit the city for a view of the remains of Roman town Verulamium. Other popular attractions include  St Albans Cathedral, Shaw’s Corner and Hatfield house.

Hatfield House . Image by Tips For Travellers on Visual Hunt / CC BY

Established during the Norse-Saxon wars, Hertfordshire is a great location to visit in a Wecancar car hire! We’ve also got Bedfordshire car hire options! Take a look!