Diesel cars shunned over rising environment pollution concerns

The figures speak for themselves! A 6.3% decrease in car registrations for the year 2018 and a documented 25% fall in diesel car purchases led many to raise their eyebrows in concern over the uncertain future of diesel cars distributors in the UK.

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While more citizens are eager to move away from harmful emissions and towards greener vehicles, the Government’s decision to tax automobile subpar to emission criterion by the 1st of April 2018, may be one of the reasons influencing buyers in the UK.

          If you’re not quite sure how emissions affect your environment, take a read!

Particulate matter as defined by
Greenfacts  is the sum of all solid and liquid particles suspended in air many of which are hazardous. This complex mixture comprises of both organic and inorganic particles, like as dust, pollen, soot, burn, and liquid droplets.

Why Particulate matter matters!

These particles vary significantly in size, composition, and origin.

Particles in the air are either:

  1. Directly emitted, for instance when fuel is burning or when wind carries dust
  2. Indirectly formed, when gaseous pollutants previously emitted to air turn into particulate matter.

    While Petrol and Diesel automobile have contrasting levels of soot or particulate matter emission, Diesel vehicle have a higher release of particulate matter (PM10’s and PM2.5‘s in size) resulting in breathing problems, cardiovascular injury and asthma. Reports show that Italy tops the list of countries with the highest recorded premature deaths caused by emission while the UK comes in fourth, surpassed by Germany and France in second and third place consecutively.Many firms are calling the condemning messages over diesel harm to the environment, and indeed there are reports to support the fact. (SMMT)The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders reveal that CO2 emission for 2017 was much higher when compared to that of the year 2016. While many European citizens are determined to live greener lives, the decision to shun Diesel vehicles may have taken an unexpected turn as Petrol vehicles discharge more CO2 emissions than Diesel vehicles.The demand for greener cars with cleaner emission is on the rise, and many vehicle manufacturing giants compete to fill the niche; however, only time will determine the fate of diesel cars and its decreasing usage in the UK.

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