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The city and unitary authority of Leicester is the most populated municipality in the East Midlands. Leicester ranks 11th as the most densely settled English urban area and the 13th most heavily populated metropolitan region in the UK. The Lei in Leicester forms from the Anglo-Saxon name Ligora which is a Brittonic name for a river. The second element, cester, traces back to the Latin word castrum which is reflected in the Welsh word cair and the Anglo-Saxon word ceastre. Leicester is regarded as one of the earliest cities in England and played a prominent role during the Roman Conquest of Britain as the Roman province of Ratae Corieltauvorum.

Take your Leicester car hire around to Richard III Visitor Centre. The site is located right near the Kings grave which was uncovered in 2012 and takes an in-depth look into the life and times of the last king of England to perish in battle. Leicester Cathedral was established in 1089 and contains the Royal tomb where the body of King Richard III rests. The National Space Centre is the largest astronomy and space science centre in the UK and is one of the top three attractions in the city. Constructed in1846, the New Walk Museum & Art Gallery aims to pack in as much diversity as possible, and they win with an array of exhibitions, a Victorian gallery, natural history and fine art!

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