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Savour the vibrant city of Liverpool in your Liverpool car hire! Find car hires in Fairfield, Walton, Kirkdale, Aintree, Fazakerley and more regions in the city!

Albert Dock . Image courtesy of Radarsmum67 on Visualhunt / CC BY.

Located in North West England, Liverpool is the fifth largest urban region in the United Kingdom and forms the bustling centre of Lancashire County. The city is referred to as ‘Liuerpul’ during the year 1190. Liverpool obtains its name from Old English word liver which means muddy or thick and pol which translates to creek or pond. The city traces its origins back to the year 1207 when King John marketed the founding of the borough of ‘Livpul’.Liverpool castle followed in 1235. The city remained small and not particularly important until the 18th century when transatlantic trade began to flourish. The completion of Albert Dock in 1846 was an architectural triumph for the city. The city was bombed heavily during the Second World War and the skeletal remains of St Luke’s Church or ‘The Bombed Out Church’ serves as a reminder of the hardship and sorrow faced by the brave Liverpudlians of the time. After the war, the city struggled to resume trade; however, the rise of The Beatles helped Liverpudlians and the world forget their troubles, if only for a while. In 2004 Liverpool was awarded a UNESCO World Heritage win for its significance as a Maritime Mercantile city. Take your car hire around Albert Dock which is surrounded by tall Victorian constructions. The dock is in proximity to The Beatles Story Museum, the Border Force National Museum and the International Slavery Museum. The Tate Gallery and the Victoria Gallery and Museum will add a dash of colour to your drive around Liverpool. A stop by Pier Head is a must! No sightseeing trip to Liverpool is complete without a view of the Three Graces!

Three Graces in Liverpool. Image courtesy of ARG_Flickr on / CC BY

See these delightful attractions and savour the birthplace of the Beatles in your Liverpool car hire! Hire cars from all regions in the city and enjoy the history of the UK’s fifth largest metropolitan area. Savour Manchester industrial heritage or take your take a look at the best road trip in the UK .

The Beatles Story. Image courtesy of thousandmillesphotos on Instagram