The top 2 burgers, bakeries, and curry houses in London!

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London is an exceptional location to explore in your London car hire. The English capital holds a host of historical and cultural attractions, (not to mention certain English singularities) however one often overlooks the truly eclectic offerings the city proudly presents to locals and visitors alike. So get in your Wecancar car hire and head over to one (or more) of the following fantastic eateries. Bon appetite!

Hurry! It’s time for Curry!


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The much frequented Tayyabs Punjabi Restaurant is tucked away in the streets surrounding Whitechapel in London. The eatery operates four outlets: the original Tayyabs which began in the seventies, an Indian sweet shops, a café and the new Tayyabs which is now a pub. The establishment earns rave reviews for Tandoori roast meats and kebabs. The menu is consitent and the restaurant snubs astronomical prices in favour of pocket-pleasing meal costs.

Hoppers Soho

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Did your last vacation to the tropical shores of Sri Lanka leave you craving for hoppers? Well, Hoppers in Soho serves up local delicacy at fares that will make your stomach gurgle with glee! The staff is more than happy to educate and guide you through the very Sri Lankan menu which contains short eats (don’t worry, you can relish your food as long as you please), curries, dosas and of course, hoppers! Get coriander chutney, caramelised onions, red chillies and smoked fish with your hoppers! Yum!

They don’t murder the burgers here!

Hoi Polloi

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You’ll have to walk through a florist shop to reach the Hoi Polloi brassiere! Located on Shoreditch high street, the food stays grounded despite the menu consisting of a cocktails titled “Cod Eek” and “National Handbag”. The basic cheeseburger is indeed miles away from “basic” and once you try the food here you’ll understand why the restaurant is known for dishing up some of the best burgers in London.

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The prices at Hoi Polloi are a tad pricey, and the wine list may make some flinch. The food, however, remains delightful!

Boom Burger

Jerk Boom.  Image courtesy of boomburger on Instagram

The Jamaican burger eatery, Boom burger adds a Jamaican spin on every item on the menu. Established by Caribbean-born Josh De Lisser, the Boom burger menu is straightforward and offers out-there burgers alongside tamer ones like the Bacon Boom. Start off with the scrummy saltfish chilli and herb fritters that will send you diving right into the Carribean sea.


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Feeling adventurous?

Sample the Jerk Boom that goes all-out island style with jerk chicken topped up with fresh mangoes, fried plantains and pawpaw sauce!

Celebratory Bakeries!


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It’s a French invasion, and you’re going to love it! Founded by Laurent d’Orey, the French patisserie aims to transport guests back to rural France with a choice selection of artisan bread, first-rate viennoiserie and, select patisserie.

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Alternatively, the eatery serves excellent salads, breakfast dishes and, coffees. Trying to lose weight? You’ll thank the heavens for the supreme selection of gluten-free bread! The restaurant boasts of an in-house open boulangerie kitchen and uplifting interior décor!


Dominique Ansel Bakery

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Located on the trendy Elizabeth Street and in proximity to Belgravia and the Buckingham Place lies the Dominique Ansel Bakery. Dominique Ansel is lauded for his masterful pastry and cake creations. He’s nabbed the title of World’s Best Pastry Chef in 2017, so you know your taste buds are in great hands! What can we expect from the genius behind the Cronut (a mix between a croissant and doughnut!)?

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Well for starters it’s best to leave your diet at the door! The smell of fresh bakes warmly greets  and pleasantly lingers throughout your stay. Order a (slightly pricer) Blossoming Hot Chocolate which comprises of melting marshmallow flower that blossoms when melted or the sample delightful Welsh rarebit croissant! Try and seat yourself in the outdoor area as you dreamily eat your way into a sugar coma!

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